Image and Citation Policy

The author while posting articles in the blog tries his best to comply with the copyright rules. However if you have specific questions regarding image rights feel free to contact the author.

a. Image Use: Most of the images used in the blog are from Wikimedia Commons. Images under free use policy are generally used in the blog.  Permission has also been obtained from the Image Section of the British Library to use suitable images from the British Library in this regard. However if you still find some images used improperly please intimate the author about the matter.

b. Citation Policy: In almost all articles wherever required the author has provided reference ( as end note) of the source from where the content is taken. In case of contents taken from Google books, the name of author and the title of the books is provided in the format below.

Title of the Book, author

In case of contents taken from newspaper, blogs, etc the source link is cited for reference.

In case of contents taken from printed material, the citation is provided in the following manner-

Title of the Book, author

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