English and Dutch Cemeteries of Murshidabad.

Babulbona Cemetery, photo courtesy-Murshidabad.net
Dear visitor this page aims to document the graves of the English cemeteries at Berhampore (West Bengal, India). These cemeteries have the graves of many important British residents and military personnel, who lived in Berhampore or have died here.  I must say that although these cemeteries are under the current purview of Archaeological survey of India and efforts are made to renovate them, but a lot of the graves have lost their inscriptions, making it difficult to make out whose grave it was. For those living in United Kingdom and are interested to find out there forefathers graves, I am trying to enlist the names of all those graves are here. I will be extremely happy if this serves the purpose. In the names enlisted below if anyone finds their ancestor and wants further information about anything I will be so happy to provide. You may mail me at sumitsoren@gmail.com.

Babulbona or Berhampore Cemetery
I will start with the comparatively new cemetery named Babulbona cemetery or Berhampore cemetery. Here lie the graves of the English population who lived in and around Berhampore. As I find time I will try to update more information about the individuals buried here. From the number 1 to 11 is those graves whose inscription is still intact.

1.    Isabella Sneyd (died 1856), wife of Lt F.P Balley(7th regiment).
2.    Mary Grant (born 1796, died 1871) - As per the inscription on her grave she was born in Carlow, Ireland.
3.    Valentine Owen (born 1906, died 1907) son of Bertram Owen.
4.    Rev. A.W Walsh* (death 9th July, 1871) - Former Chapleon of Berhampore.
5.    Maria Mollis (age 36 years when she died), wife of John Mollis.
6.    Mihcael Fawley (death 1885).
7.    Charles Mainwaring Esq(death 1828).
8.    Thomas Benjamin Rice (death 1882).
9.    Maria Eliza Rice (death 1898)- Her grave has the mark IHS, which stands for the first three letters of JESUS’s name in Greek Alphabet.
10. Joseph Edwin (death 1870).
11.  Jane Arrow (death 1891).